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Game Rules    (The following rules must be followed in order to remain a player of Horse Isle.)

Detailed Rules (Provides more fine grained policies)

[RULE #1]  No Obscenities, Inappropriate or Adult Topics
This is an all-ages, friendly environment.  Remember that and communicate as though your mother, grandmother and 7 year old sister were all watching.
No violent, offensive or inflammatory language.  This includes religious proselytizing, racial comments, ethnic stereotypes, political statements, etc.
No date-speak allowed. This is not a dating site, no boyfriend/girlfriend talk allowed. This includes talking about or referencing sexual orientation.
There is a filter set up to only allow words in our dictionary to be used or to change some other words.  DO NOT cheat the filter by going around it.
Because we need to monitor the chat, all chat must be in English.
All chat is recorded and monitored by Administrators, including Private Chat. Keep it clean and family friendly everywhere.

[RULE #2]
No Sharing Personal Info
NEVER share your Horse Isle password!  NO ONE from Horse Isle staff will ever ask it from you.  Never enter it on another website either.
No sharing of email addresses/IM accounts
No sharing of websites
No sharing of phone/cell numbers
No advertising of any kind
No sharing your age or asking for another player's age
No sharing real names/home addresses/home towns --  Countries/States/Provinces are as detailed as we permit such communication.
Limit your contact and friendships to IN-GAME only. This is for your and other peoples' safety.  NEVER trust anyone met online.

[RULE #3]
No Ruining Fun For Others
No harassing/bullying other players.  Do not tease, make fun of, call names, etc.  The old, 'if you don't have anything nice to say..  don't type.'.
If someone does insult you, DO NOT respond.  This will just make the situation worse.  If it was serious (breaking Rule #1) report the person to a moderator or admin.  You can do this directly or by filling out an 'Abuse' report.  A recent chat log will be sent with the report, so the offense must occur within that log.
Use the MUTE button on players that annoy you.  DO NOT let it escalate to a problem.
No spamming/flooding chat by repeating the same thing over and over or by typing random letters or symbols.
There is an auction system, classified ads, and ranch stores to sell horses.  Please use that instead of spamming chat.
If you must Role Play, you may not advertise or use any public chats. You may only Role Play using Buddy, Private or Area Chat on a Ranch that is owned by one of those participating in the Role Playing. Also, all Role Playing must follow the other rules, including being appropriate for all ages.
This is a positive environment. Anyone not respecting others may receive a chat violation by Admins.

[RULE #4] No Cheating.
No 'giving away' horses, money or items when you quit the game. If you do not want to play anymore, everything should remain on your account.
If you find a bug and report it, you will be rewarded, with both respect and possibly an in-game reward.
If you find a bug and take advantage of it, that's cheating, and you could lose your account.
Only one account allowed per player. Do not move, or help another player move, money/horses to another account. If you are banned, do not create a new account. This will be considered multiple accounts and your new account will also be banned.
Do not use any type of automated click/repetition tools. Instant permanent ban when detected.

[RULE #5] Parental Permission
Anyone under 18 should have parental permission to play. 
We REQUIRE anyone under 13 to absolutely have parental permission. 
Many parents enjoy playing the game with their own account also!

[RULE #6] Play Smart
Never make a trade on a promise.  Always make trades that are fair in themselves.  (Don't give someone one of your horses with their promise they will give it back, etc.)  
Do not trade something you are not willing to lose.
Do not buy or sell accounts. This is not only considered trading on a promise, but is an easy way to get scammed.
Never give out your password.  Be in the habit of never even typing it except for when logging into the game.
Do not share accounts with other players. Remember you are 100% responsible for your account, so don't let someone else ruin it for you.
Don't EVER EVER EVER agree to meet another player in real life.
Take breaks.  Do not sit and play for hours straight.  Try to break up game time with other activities.  This will make the game more fun in the long run.

Sending an Abuse Report
The abuse report will send the report that is filled out by the player along with a short chat log.  The broken rule must have occurred within that chat log.  An abuse report should ONLY be sent if it is a serious rule break.  Some examples include harassment, pushing someone for detailed personal information and getting extreme profanity around the filter.  DO NOT send an abuse report for simple name calling, because another player is annoying you or a player not being fair with a trade or a player submitted an abuse report against you.  The MUTE button is perfect for the first two situations and if you agree to a trade, even if the player said they would give the item/horse back, be willing to lose that item/horse in case they are lying.  DO NOT file a fake/non-serious abuse report as you will be penalized instead of the person you had a problem with! - Abuse reports take a lot of time and effort to deal with, And while we appreciate and manage the serious ones, the non-serious ones waste way too much of our time. The ABUSE REPORT system is a SERIOUS tool, please treat it as such.

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